Friday, 28 August 2015

Congratulations are in order, as Moorside's John Pratt has won first prize in the Grindleford Annual Show writing competition with his poem "Summer"!


I wait on each December day,
impatient for that solstice switch
toward a summer-new campaign.

towards a longer evening light
with bluebells rising overnight
and lazy late June afternoons.

And yet the season’s longest day
is somehow just a surreal play,
an orchid dream that fades away:

mere prelude to the fullest bloom
when summer steps out from the wings
carelessly beyond her noon,

to stroll along blackberry lanes,
by meadows flocked with buttercup;
hedges bound with hip and sloe;

footpaths freshly overgrown,
the land full-frocked, and wholly ripe,
dew-laden dawns and scented nights
– this is summer’s sweeping flight.

You may recall Moorside's Stuart Randall won first prize last year!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

'First Tuesday' Meeting 1st September

'Weird and Wonderful'


Heather Shaw 

Chesterfield Library

'First  Tuesday' Meetings are held every month except August and are suitable for anyone  who is interested in discussing and undertaking practical exercises in creative writing - prose or poetry