Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Moorside Writer Heather Shaw gets First Prize

Fosseway Writing Group

FOSSEWAY WRITERS is a long-established Newark group.  There are open competitions in different genres, one of which is usually poetry, another is the Mabel Barber Memorial Competition and the third is the fiction competition.

The last meeting of 2013 was the Fiction Competition results evening. The judge, Sheelagh Gallagher, shared some insightful and helpful comments about the entries and, at the same time, proved to be an amusing and entertaining speaker.
The winner of the Fosseway Fiction Competition 2013 is:
1st Prize - A Piaf Moment by Heather Shaw of Chesterfield


  1. Very well done Heather. A nice prezzie for us. More comps next year everyone?? A Happy Christmas to all as well. liz xx