Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Weather Watch a poem by Rob Hoyle

Weather Watch

Yesterday a proper darkness,
 modest, semi-starlit. Not too showy:
 no conflict between Orion, The Plough
and solar-powered 'nite-lights'.

A little light rain for atmosphere.
Spectacles spotted, sight altered,
I imagine myself
a sideways-seeing insect.

Now, in front of the houses,
those tangerine street lights
become imperious giraffes
processing, stately, aloof.

A Tesco delivery truck
creates sound-waves
that pattern pavements pewter,
re-direct droplets
in an anti-gravity movement
to shivering shed roofs.

And soon the sky lowers itself
in a bilious tumble
as if the heavens need antacid.
Elemental energy
seemingly indigestible.

Blithering snowflakes
huddle for security?
not knowing there is no safety
in the winds irascible blunder.

The bird-table wears ermine,
car is re-designed by nomadic snow.
I shine a torch, landscape
has become a Mexican wave.

It's time for boots and sensible gloves.
Clean breath is softer than new love.

Then , in the future,
polished moon,
a sky perforated with brilliance
from the long dead.

This is a time of spirit,
heart and sense,
not head.

Rob Hoyle


  1. Really nice poem, Rob. The imagery - 'the landscape/has become a Mexican wave'...- has its own narrative. Good one.


  2. heart and head, you blend them beautifully. Liz

  3. well done Dorothy on the world-travelling play! also to John for his winning s.story.