Wednesday, 22 October 2014

You couldn't make it up!

Well you can actually...

Shakespeare is believed to have made up hundreds of words and phrases many of which are still used today.

I have made up a few myself. 

'digiphonic'  appears in the novel 'Muddled Daze'

'snazzled' appears in the novel 'Slurry'

And 'plodged' appears in the, as yet unfinished, novel 'Terminal One'

Can you guess what any of these words mean?

In a future post there will be sentences in which the words above appear, as a further clue.

Chris Fewtrell

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  1. This makes for a very interesting exercise for the imagination Chris. An error occurred today in our village mag. I was describing the workshop for ladies on making beaded angels, where it appears the members had an angelicaura.
    this is a lovely new word, enhanced I think by the omission of a gap after angelic!