Wednesday, 12 November 2014

You couldn't make it up! Part Two

Well you can actually...

Shakespeare is believed to have made up hundreds of words and phrases many of which are still used today.

I have made up a few myself. 
'digiphonic'  appears in the novel 'Muddled Daze' in the sentence:
"And to think it is all because of one of those newfangled digiphonic radios or whatever they call them."

'snazzled' appears in the novel 'Slurry' in the sentence:
"I'd been spot on - she was already snazzled."

  'plodges' appears in the, as yet unfinished, novel 'Terminal One' in the sentence:
"He plodges down in the armchair as if misjudging its height."

And 'poly-ath' appears in
'The Young Thrusters -An Affectionate History of an Extraordinary Football Team'
in the sentence:
"Paul is a football man with no particular connection to rugby so it is probable that, if they exist, they are proper footballers rather than the 'poly-aths' who turned out in the past."

Can you guess what any of these words mean?
By the way, nobody actually knows whether the above picture is actually of Shakespeare although it is frequently used to represent him.
Chris Fewtrell

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