Saturday, 28 March 2015

Reverse for Reverse

Reverse Verse is a new form of literary expression (as far as I know...)

It is verse where the rhymes are at the beginning of lines, the following may be the first example ever?

Life Line

Life stuck on a bleak plateau
Chancing dice now demanded
How to break the frozen cycle
Lancing the boil of my fear
Dancing might just do the trick

Sunbeams sharpening slanting in
Prancing fiercely back and forth
Now much more up than down
Glancing at your smiling face
Enhancing life with simple abandon

Chris Fewtrell 29th January 2015

But... Stuart Randall came across the following, which is called: 
First-Word Rhyme

What fiend has set us such a fearful task -
To write a poem where the rhymes occur,
Not at the end but at the line's beginning?
Do you suppose it's possible at all?

All right! Let's make a start but, first, we''ll curse
His ancestors and all his kith and kin;
Call down the wrath of heaven upon him too.
This done we shall proceed in proper form.

So we must choose a theme. Let it be such
That fertile fancy may full freely roam;
No limits should be set to genius' play;
At least no more than there already are.

But there's one limit that we must observe;
It's laid down in the rules. Just sixteen lines
Cut off imagination's furious flow;
Wits curdled, we can end the matter here.

John Stanley Sweetman

So, sadly,  it's not a new form of literary expression at all...

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