Friday, 28 August 2015

Congratulations are in order, as Moorside's John Pratt has won first prize in the Grindleford Annual Show writing competition with his poem "Summer"!


I wait on each December day,
impatient for that solstice switch
toward a summer-new campaign.

towards a longer evening light
with bluebells rising overnight
and lazy late June afternoons.

And yet the season’s longest day
is somehow just a surreal play,
an orchid dream that fades away:

mere prelude to the fullest bloom
when summer steps out from the wings
carelessly beyond her noon,

to stroll along blackberry lanes,
by meadows flocked with buttercup;
hedges bound with hip and sloe;

footpaths freshly overgrown,
the land full-frocked, and wholly ripe,
dew-laden dawns and scented nights
– this is summer’s sweeping flight.

You may recall Moorside's Stuart Randall won first prize last year!

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