Saturday, 21 November 2015

Slurry - Only Death is Immortal

Did This Mystery Happen in North Derbyshire?



Slurry – Only Death is Immortal, a new paperback by Christopher Fewtrell (Moorside Writers), is set in the town of Millchesterford and the village of Ambover in the Amberlea Valley.

What's the story about? Well, it's not just animals that die unexpectedly when Markus takes up post as a vet in Ambover and gets embroiled in the rotten underbelly of country life. His infatuation with Charlotte, the vegetarian animal activist, gets him ensnared in a web of intrigue as he tries to impress her. But neither of them could have foreseen what dark secrets they would uncover as they stumble into the nasty hidden world beneath the rural idyll.

The interesting question is whether the book is set in North Derbyshire and if some of the extremely bizarre characters are based on real people. What do you think?

Slurry – Only Death is Immortal is available on Amazon.
 The link is at: Slurry

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