Friday, 19 February 2016

Daylight On! (Winter Morning)

Importunate daylight

insinuates itself through

curtain cracks. Duvet is a feeble shield.

Bathroom sunlight slants modestly

Thanks to venetian blind.

The shower issues a blessing;

Gentle introduction to the burden

of waking hours.

In the garden, irresponsible ebullience

of birdsong!

And snowdrops, defiantly pristine.

Even Jack of the deep freeze

can’t rob them,

of their ballerina moment.

Everywhere, frozen water,

loud and proud.

Back field is a colour chart

of melting orange lines.

As I defrost the windscreen

Ice peels like buttercurls.

The ebony hours are subsumed

in morning liquid gold!

Fingers tingle as new day

nips at knuckles!

Robert Hoyle. Circa 2012

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